FAQs - Frequently asked Questions

Is there a risk of overturning?

No, mySTOPY is mounted on the rear wheel and only brakes the rear wheel.

So is no risk of overturning. Of course we haveextensively tested with the help of simulations and test drives. 

With mySTOPY we have designed a brake assistant that - like all braking systems – is to be used consciously. So you always should consider for each situation: What provides more security - To use mySTOPY or not to use. That's why we recommend: Whether it's curves, descents, wet conditions, etc.: Braking behavior must be adapted to the respective situation.

So we recommend to test your mySTOPY in advance, e.g. on different "testing" surfaces to get a feeling for the braking behavior. The braking behavior itself depends on many factors, like for example: The condition of the ground and tires, how fast the child drives, braking in a curve, etc. 

A loss of stability, which could result from braking, could occure specially when braking in curves. Therefor you should avoid braking your child in a curve. This physical effect is also known from bicycles/motorcycles. 

In general, however, a skidding rear wheel is easier to control and avoid a fall as if the front wheel locks.

How mySTOPY was tested?

With the help of the simulation we were able to demonstrate that the child does not feel the braking effect and that there is no risk of overturning. 

Test conditions under extreme conditions (max. weight and speed): 

- Weight 25 kg (Max. permissible weight according to the balance bike manufacturer)

- Speed ​​15 km/h & 30 km/h (Regular speed +/- 10 km/h)

- Frictional resistance index 1.08 (dry concrete) 


- Max. resulting deceleration force on body: 0.52 g (15 km/h)

Should I use the braking assistant when my child is out of sight?

NO. You only should use mySTOPY when your child is in sight because this is the only way to ensure that the balance bike slows down at a safe place.

How does the 30 days money-back guarantee work?


We want you to be satisfied with our product. Therefore: If you are not satisfied with mySTOPY, we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

How easy it is:We must receive your request within 30 days of purchase. Just send us an email to info@mySTOPY.de with the following information: 

1.     Subject: Money Back Guarantee

2.     Your order number

3.     The reason for your return (We take your feedback seriously. Your brief feedback will help us to further improve mySTOPY)

4.     Your bank details (Name and address, IBAN, BIC) or PayPal account to enable us to refund you the money.

As soon as you have received the return label from us, please send the product securely packaged and with all accessories to: 

mySTOPY GmbH & Co. KG


Findelmühlestrasse 51

97618 Wuelfershausen 

Please write your name and order number clearly on the package so that we know who to refund the money to.

We recommend sending a trackable package as we cannot refund lost packages.

As soon as we have received your return, you will receive an update on your refund via email. If everything is fine with your return, we will refund your order. 

This 30-day money-back guarantee does not affect or limit your rights as a customer under the statutory warranty and the right of withdrawal.

Weitere Informationen zum Widerrufsrecht findest Du hier

This offer is only valid once per product and customer. The money-back guarantee excludes: 

-        Empty shipping boxes

-        Damaged Products

-        Products without a valid receipt

-        Products that were not purchased via our online shop              www.mystopy.de

What about sustainability at mySTOPY?

When it comes to sustainability, our heart beats even faster:

Because mySTOPY is made for children. That's why we stand on sustainability from the choice of materials to packaging:

Our plastics consist of at least 60% recyclates and the operating instructions and packaging material are made from recycled paper.

As this is not enough for us we are resolutely working on increasing the proportion. When it comes to packaging, we do not use unnecessary packaging material.

The product packaging is also the shipping packaging, so we save one box per shipment and we conserve natural resources. 

Of course, our paper and cardboard are made from recycled paper. Our suppliers are located in the regional vicinity, which is why we can do without long and unnecessary delivery routes. 

The electronic modules are delivered in a special reusable packaging. With each delivery, the empty reusable packaging is exchanged for the full one. In this way we save unnecessary packaging waste. 

Regional sources: For us, Made in Germany is not just a question of the "label", but a fact. We source all components and materials from Germany. Unfortunately, a few electronic components can only be manufactured in Asia (such as the battery). We obtain the electricity for our location via solar power system.

Why no charging cable is included?

Because sustainability is very important for us, we have decided not to include a charging cable. 

This is one of our contributions to reduce our climate footprint on the environment. You can find more information about sustainability at mySTOPY on our website in the FAQs under “What about sustainability at mySTOPY?" 

Most people already have the relevant accessory at home, so we are confident that delivery without a charging cable can contribute to minimize the growing problem of e-waste. 

As a mySTOPY user, you can simply use a compatible charging cable that you already have at home. Otherwise you can - if necessary - buy it in any electronics store.

Am I hindering my child from gaining their own experiences?

mySTOPY enables you to intervene if necessary. IF NECESSARY. As a supervisor, you can assess when a situation could become dangerous for your child and when it is no longer able to react and act in good time.

Is your child driving too fast and doesn't see the approaching car? Could there be a collision with a tree or other large object? We developed mySTOPY for these situations. 

If you keep this in mind, your child can still gain the experiences that are important for their development – ​​but safely!

How can I switch off my mySTOPY?

To turn off your braking assistant, you need to hold the remote control very close to the light and push the button for a few seconds.

The light then dims up briefly and then dims down completely. Then the brake assist is off. Proceed in the same way to switch it on: Hold the remote control close to the light, it flashes briefly. Then you press the remote control again and hold it up to the light for a few seconds, it dims up briefly and then your mySTOPY is ready to go again.

How long is the battery life of mySTOPY?

With one battery charge you can make up to 6.500 releases. In off mode, the battery offers a runtime of 250 days, in on mode about 105 hours.

Can I connect several mySTOPY or remote controls?

Yes! You can pair up to four remote controls with one mySTOPY and any number of mySTOPY with one remote control.

How do I find out which PUKY balance bike model I have?

You can find the model of your PUKY balance bike at the type plate - this is located on the back of the seat tube under the foot board.

You still have any questions?

Send us an Email at: support@mystopy.de