How mySTOPY works

Simple and effective - A braking element falls between the seat post and the rear wheel and brakes the wheel quickly but SAFELY. And that at the touch of a button.


Our brake assistant fits on almost all PUKY balance bikes. In our shop you will find a precise selection. Before ordering, please find out what balance bike model you have. This saves returns and thus CO2.

Our balance bikes

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  • 300% quality control

    We check every brake assistant at least 3x before it leaves our warehouse. This way we can ensure that each assistant works when it is needed.
  • Sustainable packaging

    Our box was specially designed for our product and does not require any plastic or outer packaging - and of course it is made of recycled paper
  • made in germany

    Electronics, plastic, metal, packaging, assembly. Except for the battery, everything is 100% made in Germany